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There is a sign that a bracelet on the left hand is considered a talisman against bad energy, while a bracelet on the right hand serves as an amulet that multiplies positive energy. And we are convinced that the Ile bracelet, no matter where and how you wear it, will become your favorite accessory that you will not want to take off, except to mix with other jewelry.

However, we recommend using one stylistic technique in the coming seasons – wearing a bracelet over the sleeves of a shirt, jumper or long gloves. A little fashion trick can instantly refresh any look.

Designed in Ukraine. Made in Italy

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The coating does not darken, retains its original appearance for a long time and is not afraid of water.

  • Coating: Gold-colored links covered with metal alloy, galvanization. The silver-colored links are plated with nickel. The carbine is covered with palladium.
  • Warranty: 6 months

Contains nickel microparticles.


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If your wrist circumference is 14-15 cm – choose a size S.
With a wrist circumference of 16-17 cm – your size M.
For a wrist with a girth of 18-19 cm, the size L.

The most popular size is M. It is versatile and suitable for most customers. If you’re buying for a gift, choose it. Don’t forget that our bracelets can be clasped on any link.

The dimensions are designed so that the bracelet hangs comfortably on the wrist. If you need an individual bracelet size, please contact us.

We deliver across Ukraine by Nova Poshta.
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Cost: 50 – 100 UAH.
Courier delivery is available.
Orders worth more than UAH 4999 are delivered free of charge.

Prompt delivery to Europe, the USA, and other countries is available.
The estimated cost is 700 UAH.
Please note: Your country may charge taxes and customs fees for customs clearance of your purchase

Every piece of jewelry you buy from us is a ready-made gift, decorated with sophistication and attention to detail.

Our necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are familiar with the elegance of the red box that has become synonymous with our brand. The luxurious look is complemented by a carefully knitted ribbon that adds a special charm.

Personalize your gift by adding the recipient’s name or special words to the ribbon that reflect your emotions and relationship. This gesture will turn a piece of jewelry not just into a gift, but into a transmission of deep feelings.

The gift experience is complete when you present this wonder in our stylish white bag, turning every piece of jewelry into an unforgettable experience.

*Not availablefor international shipments.

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Ile jewelry is made of carefully selected materials. Please treat with
the item carefully to make sure it lasts longer.

  • Avoid contact with creams, toilet water and detergents
  • Please clean and polish with microfiber and store separately

Every detail, every element created in the factories of Tuscany is an expression of timeless elegance and skillful labor

Thanks to the heritage of these workshops, we are proud to be able to guarantee that every piece that reaches our customers is a work of true passion, Italian craftsmanship.

Our efforts were crowned with the development of a unique coating created specifically for our brand, which is not afraid of water and does not darken.

At the same time, the heart and soul of each of our collections are ideas and designs that originated in Ukraine, the birthplace of our brand. This unique synergy allows us to bring to life concepts that bridge cultures, times and spaces.

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